Introducing two Manuscripts of Naqhshbandian Hamruoleh family


  • Nawid Kamal Khayas Naqishbandi گروە فقه شافعی، دانشکدە ادبیات و علوم انسانی، دانشگاە کردستان، سنندج، ایران



Amrooleh, Tohtatoljalal, Tohfatolshahab, Amanullah khan, Wesal Shirazi, Ibn omer waqhedi, Fotuh al-Sham


Hamrouleh / Amroleh village is one of the villages of science and religion around Sanandaj city,which played an important role in the years 1850 to 1950 due to the scientific school and khaneghah sheikh najmaldin naghshbandi in promoting science and gnosticism in Saral, Gaross, Leilakh and Afshar.There are two precious manuscripts in this family that can be known as one of the greats documents in the history of science in Kurdistan.One is the gilded Quran of Amanullah Khan, the governor of Kurdistan, which is written in beautiful calligraphy and the eloquent translation of the famous poet Vesal Shirazi, and the second is the Kurdish rhythmic translation of Fotuh al-Sham Ibn Umar Waqidi, written by Mullah Sadegh Alijani, the  Imam and preacher of Hosseinabad village. This thirty-six thousand-bit poem has been written in six volumes and in two parts under the names of Tohfa al-Jalal and Tohfa al-Shahab.  This article is a descriptive-analytical and based on library sources, introduces and writing style of these two books and their authors.



اردلان، مستوره؛ 1398؛ تاریخ اردلان؛ مصحح و ویراستار: جمال احمدی آیین؛ سنندج: روژ.

رسولی ج و دکتر کیدی الن؛ طبیب محبوب، 1982؛ شرح زندگی دکتر سعید خان کردستانی؛ واشنگتن: انجمن بین المللی مسیحیان ایرانی.

روحانی، بابا مردوخ؛ 1382؛ تاریخ مشاهیر کرد؛ به کوشش: محمد ماجد مردوخ روحانی؛ تهران: سروش.

مردوخ، شیخ محمد کردستانی؛ 1379؛ تاریخ مردوخ؛ تهران: نشر کارنگ.

نقشبندی؛ سید محمد هادی؛ 1391؛ سلاله پاکان؛ سنندج: کالج.



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