Establishing the Archive of Oral History and Its Value in Writing the Modern History of Kurds


  • Saman Hussein Ahmed کۆلێژی پەروەردەی بنەڕەت،زانکۆی سلێمانی،سلیمانی،عێراق بەشی زانستە کۆمەڵایەتییەکان،



Oral History, Documentation, Contemporary History of Kurd, Social History


Oral history is that kind of the history in which life will be created within the framework of history itself and expands the fields of history, which does not only care about political and military history, but also includes the history of all aspects of human life, as well as that history, which does not allow the lack of written sources and documents to become a reason for the destruction or neglect of historical events, but through oral witnesses, they try to fill out these shortcomings. The oral history is one of the events that the whole history has relied on since the beginning, from the Middle Ages and to the present, but modern history has paid special attention to the value of it, particularly after the events of the both world war I and II, and the increase in incidents and disasters, most of which needed to be recorded, but there were no written texts about them, it means that those who were displaced, those who were starved and who have been left in the forests. Etc. There had been a wealth of historical data in their chest, but none of it had been recorded or utilized. As a result, the significance of beginning oral testimony emerged and began to be acknowledged in America and Europe, where it was archived and subsequently worked on as a source of history.


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