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ISSN 2520-7377 (Online), ISSN 2520-5102 (Print)

This journal is semi-annual (by annual ) publishing two times per year ( late of Jun – late of December)

Publishing Policies:

The journal publishes scientific research in ​​Kurdish, Arabic, and English languages that contain the original scientific research standards in any of administrative, economic, accounting, legal, computing, technological, engineering, and the related fields. The journal accepts research that meets the following requirements and standards:

First: The research falls within the specific concerns of the journal.

Second: It should conform the regulations and standards adopted by the journal.

Third: The researcher should sign the Promissory Note and Declaration adopted by the Journal. (Declaration form is available on the website of the journal).

The research sent to the journal is subject to the preliminary arbitration before the editorial staff determines the validity of the research for external evaluation. In the absence of its suitability for publication, the journal will notify the researcher to do so. As for the research which will be given the preliminary approval, the research will be sent to two arbitrators to evaluate confidentially through filling a special form. The decision to accept the submitted paper for publication upon the recommendation of the external arbitrators. And it is based on two arbitrators in their decisions for research arbitration to what extent that the research relates to a field of knowledge as well as scientific and practical value of the results, the extent of the originality of the ideas of the research and its theme, and the comprehensiveness, accuracy and modern literature related to the subject of the research. The research integrity of the scientific method used in the research, the appropriateness of the data, the final results of the research hypotheses, and the correct regulation of the presentation style in terms of the formulation of ideas and the language of research as well as the quality the tables, figures and their clarity.

The editorial staff exerts tremendous effort needed to complete the arbitration process to reach a decision on each research so as to save time to the utmost. For this purpose, the journal is doing everything it can to use the electronic means of communication available. Then the researcher will be notified to provide notes to the evaluators. In the case of acceptance of research, the researcher will be informed the volume that the research will be published in addition to the expected date of it.

 Fourth: Any submitted research Paper have to pass through Double blind peer reviewed process. If there were tow different opiniun the research paper will be send to the third blind peer reviewer. 




Delivery of Research Rules

  1. Research is delivered by e-mail to the journalin soft copy or ona CD-ROM.
  2. The researcher should send the promissory note in the abovementioned third point after filling the formwith his/her signatureattached by the research. The researcher should state that the research (the like) has not been published, it has not been submitted to any other journal and that he would not intend to submit for publication to any other journal.
  3. The research should have the title page, the name of the researcher(s), scientific title(s), the employer, theaddress, phone number, e-mail and fax number (if applicable). To ensure complete confidentiality of the arbitration process, there should not be a researcher(s) name(s) in the body of the research, or any indication reveal confidential names. The researcher can mention acknowledgement and thanking phrases to the arbitrators or others who have contributed to the development of research.
  4. The research should be written in a clear focused language with a scientific neutral style. It should not increase the number of research pages to 15 pages in Applied Sciences and 25 pages for Human Sciences including supplements of the research.
  5. If the researcher used the list of questionnaire (survey) or any other data collection tools, for the researcher to submit a copy of it if it was not in the body of research.
  6. The researcher should pay publication wages amounting to 100,000 Iraqi dinars (or equivalent) paid after receiving the receipt of the letter and submitting the research.

Formal Requirements for the Preparation of Research

For the purpose of writing references, the journal relies on English sources asquoting, document formats, graphs, research ethics and other topics related to a research and the known content of the generally accepted rules of writing of APA American Psychological Association manual. The terms and rules of writing in APA Style can be found on the following link or other related links below:


Research Page Numbering

All the pages are given serial numbers including pages that contain tables, figures, appendices and references. Heading and sub-headings should not be numbered.


Research Abstract

Two abstracts of research should be submitted in three languages, English, Arabic and Kurdish to a maximum of 250 words. Each in a separate page, and should have the title of the research without researchers’ names.


Quotations and References

Footnotes should not be used in the margins for the purpose of pointing to references cited by the researcher, but it should be mentioned in the research body that of the author’s name(s) and the year of publication in parentheses, according to the following formula:

  • References are placed in separate pages under the title of references at the end of the research alphabetically includes a list of the usedreferences in the body of the research.
  • Foreign references are documented apart from the local references (that of Kurdish or Arabic).
  • List of references should not contain any reference that has not been referred to in the research. It should also mention the names of periodicals referred to in research completely without abbreviation.
  • Concerning Arabic or Kurdish references, the full name of the author; first, middle, then the last names should be mentioned, the publication date placed after the name of the author(s) directly, then the title research, the name of the periodical, volume number, issue number and then the number article pages.
  • Foreign references should be arranged according to APA format.
  • For one or two author(s): (Yasar, 1989), (Ahmed and Ammar, 1994) (Solow, 1967), (John and Shahbaz, 1980).
  • In the case of having a specific excerpt quotation: (Tai, 2002: 92), (Ramose, 1992: 22).


  • In case of more than two authors: (Tai et al., 1988), (William et al, 2013).
  • In the case of having more than one reference of the same author: (Tai, 1988, 1990).
  • In the case of the author’s name mentioned in the body of research, it should not be repeated again in the parentheses: McClelland (1961).
  • In the case of multiple authors referred to: (Zubai,1999; Ameri, 2012; Salem, 2014).
  • In the case citing more than a source of the same author in the same year, they are given the letters آ andب in the case of a Arabic reference: (Moussa, 1990 آ), or be given letters such as A and B in case the reference is foreign: (Bosh, 1978 A)



It is preferable that footnotes should be used to a limited extent but if necessary should be within the body of the research. Footnote is printed double-space between the lines, numbered sequentially as they appear in the research or on separate sheets, or placed at the end of the research before the list of references.

 Publication Fees:

The plication fees is only 100 $  should be pay to the Journal Secretary.

The SJCUS  journal does not have any article submission charges


General Rules

  • Copyright belongs to the journal.
  • The journal offers a copy of the journal as a gift for each research that has been published to the researcher.
  • The contents of the published research reflectsthe opinion of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of the journal.
  • The related research correspondence should be with the journal’s secretary editor to the following email address: [email protected].



All articles will be passed an plagiarism filter by using  Turnitin feed back studio  , allowable  maximum percentage is %20

if not it will  be rejected automatically.